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At MD'S Pest Control our goal is to make your home or business a safe and healthy environment.

MD'S Pest Control is dedicated to providing you with the best service at the best price.  We are trained in every aspect of inspection, pest identification, and extermination.

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Our knowledge of insects, rodents, and their behavior allow us to be very successful in:

  1. Identifying the pest 
  2. Discovering harborage and entry points 
  3. Eliminating the pests

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We are so confident in our expertise and performance that we guarantee our work or your money back.

Your family deserves a healthy home.

Your family deserves a pest free home.

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There are more than 10 species of Subterainian termites in the United States.  Depending on the type of termite, a colony can contain from 60,000 to 2 million workers.  A colony of only 60,000 subterranian termites can consume about 5 grams of wood per day.

If you see these distructive pests around your home or business call MD' S Pest Control in Carrollton.


There are about 70 species of Cockroaches in the United States.  Cockroaches in general will eat almost anything.  Cockroaches contaminate food with their droppings, their bodies, and the bactria they carry.Their secretions and cast skins are believed to be one of the causes of asthma in some people.


The mosquito goes through 4 stages or cycles: the egg, larvae, pupa, and adult.  The first 3 stages are spent in water (this is why you don't want any standing water on your property) the fianl stage (adult) is terrestrial.  Mosquitos can carry deadly diseases and should not be taken lightly.


In Texas we have many species of ants that are considered pests like the Acrobat ant, Pharoah ant, Little Black ant, etc., but the most important of these are the Fire ant, and the Carpenter ant.  Fire ants are important because they can take over lawns with their mounds and have a terrible sting.  Carpenter ants are important because of the damage they cause to structures.


Squirrels may be cute little fury creatures, but like rats they can cuase significant property damage.  Most of the damage is to lawns, gardens and trees, but sometimes they cause serious damage to homes by gnawing their way into the attic where they nest, eat through wires and pollute the insulation.


Rats and mice cause a great deal of damage to homes and property with losses reaching billions of dollars annually.  They damage property by gnawing at doors, window casings, cables and pretty much anything else that gets in their way of either obtaing food or entry.  Rats can also carry and transmit disease-causing organisms and pathogens.  A mature female rat can bear 20-30 young in one year.

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